Hair Extensions


Micro Ring Extensions

At the moment, we only offer Micro Ring Extensions - also known as Micro Loops. This is because we believe it is the safest and most natural method as of yet.



At Serenity we use only the best hair, this is Grade AAAA Indian Remy Human Hair. The Extensions are available in 2 lengths- 16" and 20". These can be applied as a Half Head which is great for thickening or a Full Head.

These extensions are applied using copper/nickel mixed alloy rings which are lined with silicone for extra grip.

As these extensions are not glued into place, they are very safe to use and can slip out over time as your own hair naturally sheds, this also means the extensions are re-usable if they have been maintained correctly- bonus!

Re-fits are due after 2 months of the initial fitting and then every 3-4 months after that.


Consultation and Pricing

Every Hair Extension appointment requires a consultation at least 2 weeks before fitting, this is so we can determine if your hair would need to be dyed before hand and to leave enough time for the hair to be delivered- The consultation is also FREE.

In your consultation we will discuss the process, colour match your hair and quote you a price.

We all know the best Extensions aren't cheap which is why we have a payment plan fit for everyone!

Every Extension fitting appointment requires a 50% deposit to cover the cost of your hair- you may either pay the full cost upfront or pay in 1 or 2 separate instalments after the initial deposit.